Boulder Boats LLC

Boulder Boats is a full-service boat dealership that strives to provide our customers with the most comprehensive services and a wide-ranging inventory selection. Our passion for the boating lifestyle creates an enjoyable and relaxing dealership environment, and the dedication and expertise of Boulder Boats' team members provide customers with a highly personalized experience designed to make our customers feel like they are part of the family.  The success of our company is based on the foundation of our team, culture, a whatever- it-takes attitude, and most importantly… an enhanced customer experience. The customer experience has always been the pillar to which we attribute our growth and success. We strive for attentive, efficient, uncompromised, genuine, and exceptional service, and it is our extensive product and industry knowledge that has earned us the trust and loyalty of both customers and industry partners; resulting in Boulder Boats being continually ranked as one of the Top 100 Marine Dealers in the United States.  Our teams are trained to really listen to the needs of our customers. There’s nothing else quite like the boating culture and community, and we are proud members of the Pass the Handle Movement, an organization designed to help introduce new people to boating and water sports.  We make sure to let all of our customers know they are becoming part of the boating community  and help welcome our customers understand the boating lifestyle and new Boulder Boats family they are joining! 

Whether you’re a new to boating or a very seasoned boater, Boulder Boats has something for everyone.